Have you ever wanted to learn how to sail, or even to join our yacht Racing program by crewing on one of our member's boats?

Experience the basics of sailing and learn what it takes to become a crew-member on one of the sailboats that you see in the harbour on those hot summer nights.

The New Crew Program offers four in-class sessions and four on the water training races aboard our member keelboats. Participants also receive a TBYC Associate Membership upon registration.

Note that there are reasonable age and fitness restrictions, with a recommended participant age of 18-75 (subject to individual review). If the course facilitators feel a person is either too young or possibly not physically capable the funds will be reimbursed.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the TBYC New Crew program will not happen this season.

Total cost $200

For more information and registration, please contact Rowan Seymour, rowan173@gmail.com, or sign up now below: