27th SUNORA SUperior NOrth-shore RegattA

SUNORA will again take place the last week of July between Sat July 23 to Aug 1.   SUNORA is a unique cruise to some of the most beautiful harbours along our local Superior shore, with opportunities for social fun and comradery.  If you're a sailor, you’re pitting your skills against the rest of the fleet in daily races from anchorage to anchorage.  If you're a powerboater you'll have time to explore and discover places along the way.   

Turn-around point will be either Red Rock or perhaps Rossport ...  plans are in development and although there may be Covid-19 impacts, it is starting to look as if a more normal Sunora with rafting, banquet, and pot-luck gatherings might be doable.  Whether power or sail, perhaps SUNORA might have a place in your 2022 boating season?  Maybe you've always wanted to participate, or did it a number of years ago and you'd like to try it again? If you are newer to boating, there's possibly no better way to experience our great shoreline than with a group.

For more info check out the SUNORA Facebook Page.  If you have interest at admin@tbyc.on.ca