$12,500 USD

1981 Olson 30 - Fast is Fun!  $12,500 USD   

Hard to beat PHRF boat in all conditions including late summer drifters.

Olson 30’s have been known to reach speeds of 17 knots downwind.

Fresh water sailed for last 10 years.

Wet core identified and repaired last year. Deck was repainted with Kiwi Grip.  All hardware rebedded.

Keel and Bottom professionally templated.

This boat is fast upwind!

Our boat was formerly known as RoadRunner on the West Coast. It took 2nd in North Americans in 2004 and 3rd in 1998.

Trailer had 4 new tires, complete new brake job and new lights 2015.

Replaced Clutches 2015.

Reconditioned all winches 2015

Replaced forward running lights w/ LED's 2015

Replaced steaming light w/ LED 2015

New Solar Trickle Charger 2015

Complete sail collection of good but older sails

3 Mains. Newest is 4 year Old Quantum mylar/kevlar

3 #1's  Mylar w/ scrims

1 #2  Mylar / Poly Scrim

1 #3  Dacron

3 spinnakers  1 is a .6 in good condition and 2 older

Carbon Fiber Boom

Tandem axle trailer w/ new master cylinder, lines and surge brakes


Please contact Chris Baumgarten at 608 514 5785

Or email at

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